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Welcome to Barcelona the New Marijuana Smoking Capital of the World.

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For years Amsterdam has been known to many as the place to visit and legally smoke cannabis where you can purchase cannabis in a safe legal environment.. Millions of tourists visit Amsterdam from all over the world to take in the sights and mainly to visit the famous red light district, bars, clubs and coffee shops. There are a large number of coffee shops in the center providing many different strains of cannabis and souvenirs including a yearly Cannabis Cup festival where the worlds leading cannabis enthusiasts get together to show off their products. The law in Holland changed for smoking in public bars, shops, and restaurants which means that only cannabis can be smoked in the coffee shops. It is not possible to smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol on the premises. The benefits of Amsterdam are the fact that it is well established and easy to access marijuana, the only downside is the weather and the quality of marijuana purely for the fact it is so commercialized there now.  How To find Weed....

Barcelona has millions of tourists from all over the world to visit the city, beaches, bars, architecture and history. Many tourists are not aware about the cannabis clubs Barcelona which soon will all change. The usual practice would be to find a dealer on the street and pay over priced for poor quality cannabis which now lucky for you is no more. The law in Spain allows personal use of marijuana to be consumed in a private place. A few years ago the first Cannabis Association was opened in Barcelona where you could legally smoke cannabis in a private club. Cannabis Clubs Barcelona. Since that time over 300 Cannabis Associations / Cannabis clubs have been opened making it the new smoking capital of the world. The benefits of Cannabis Clubs in Spain are that you can smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and most importantly consume cannabis weed legally in a safe environment. 

To make this legal you have to become a member of the association as this is your private place to consume cannabis. To become a member you have to provide a nationally recognized form of ID for example drivers license, passport or national identity cards. Membership will normally be for 1 or 2 years and will require a contribution which is paid to the association. Every time you enter the association you will need your members card and ID, this is to prove you are part of the private Cannabis clubs Barcelona. 

How to get Marijuana in Barcelona Spain

Marijuana inside the association is NOT bought or sold, what you are paying for is a contribution towards the services and cultivation of the cannabis. It is illegal to take marijuana outside and pass it to another person (trafficking) or to smoke cannabis in a public place of course your home is also your private place. There is a festival in Spain called Spannabis similar to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam which is the largest cannabis festival in the world. Why? because Spain now has more associations with better quality Smoking class Marijuana than Amsterdam has now..

When you arrive in Barcelona you will be invited by a personal guide, Greenline marijuana guide Barcelona will help you to find the best associations Coffee shops, Cannabis clubs Barcelona, Weed clubs you can find. if you really want to know why you should come on a tour with us here are the benefits for you :)

The weather is always nice due to the nice climate in the summer in Barcelona

Better quality strains of marijuana and hash products ( Smoke Marijuana in BArcelona)

Relaxed environment including the use of PS4, Big screen televisions, Football matches

Activities for example poker, tournaments, party nights, english or spanish lessons, sports Educational resources for cannabis including medicine and a guide to the effects of cannabis Free guides to Barcelona and all the nightclubs available

Having a beach, city, weed clubs Coffee shops and number 1 party spot all in one place.

Now you understand the reason why Barcelona is the number 1 smoking capital of the world please email us for more details. We will advise and guide you from when you plan your trip until you leave making your visit hassle free and a visit to Barcelona you will never forget.. Smoking weed soon we promise 

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