Greenline is Guiding Cannabis enthusiasts since early 2013, and we have made many friends alonthe journey, 
a journey, because that it has been. and thanks to all of you we still make new friends everyday,
and so the journey continues. Let us connect and let us  guide you on a marijuana friendly  way in barcelon
Est. 2013 - 2017
Est 2013 - 2017
Marijuana clubs Barcelona

Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona

Barcelona's Finest Social Cannabis club and Tourguidance 

420Marketplaces Cannabis Connection Guide Beta Test setup Imagery, text, social and web-connection guide are in Beta and Construction mode Only. Feel free to pre-browse the connections. 420marketplaces showcases cannabis related consumer products and more.... Browse the beta-portals and staylifted,

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For the higher purpose is a high class, epicurean lifestyle club. Our staff, producers, and members are privately selected to collectively represent our cannabis industry in an aristocratic light.’s mission is to curate useful and disruptive substance for intergalactic cannabis enthusiasts. 

Plant a seed and cultivate 
Medical Seeds estamos tan convencidos de la calidad de nuestro producto que ofrecemos garantía de germinación, es decir, si alguna de nuestras semillas no germina nos hacemos responsables y la reponemos por otra
High caliber media   
Kush Boys Studios is a high caliber media facility based in Los Angeles with over 15 years of cannabis industry expertise. We’ve developed content in motion pictures, television, animation, and broadband media. We’ve produced brands in the cannabis community and consulted for businesses that are currently in or entering this booming industry. .

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Mary Jane Mania

Los angeles California
Mary Jane Mania
 🍁 +21 Only🚫🔥 Prop 215 Compliant! 
You Can't Complain When You've Got Mary Jane😌 Tag us! #MaryJaneMania 😚💨🍁💚 [email protected]


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U High💨🍃 So Follow👣 👻 SnapChat TakeOvers 📱 Hashtag 👉 #WakeAndBakeDaily 🌤🍃 Business/Reps Email: [email protected] 📩 👇 Website 👇Discount Code: MUGSLAPPACK


420 marketplaces Hi (gh) we hope. Deleted for being to loud, Check #fhptv ✈ Pictures homemade, everybody is 18+ #Kushboys Europe 🌐 #420marketplaces
legit by Internet.


Greenline BCN your personal guide in to the world of Barcelona's Marijuana smoking associations.

Welcome to the New Legalized smoking Capital of the World.

Urban Guiding


“It's a good thing most people bleed on the inside or this would be a gory, blood-smeared earth.”

since 2007 your proud supplier 
About Dab Wizard was born in 2007, when we first started bringing you all the tools and gadgets you need to enjoy your Concentrates!  We have everything! From Jars, to Dabber Picks, To Ultimate Dabbing Mats and Pads, to Dab Wizard Lifestyle Novelty, Torches, Butane and more! Get the best products at a low price! Enjoy great customer service, and amazingly priced items!   
Body and care products
It's an innovative cosmetic line 100% natural based on flowers of Cannabis Sativa made in Canary Islands created entirely with substances and natural processes in respect for the environment and of the highest ethics to offer natural products of quality and experience of excellence.
The healthy refreshing Brewed In America
We’ve searched for the finest ingredients to create a great tasting tea that is also really good for you. Then we set out to find bottling companies only in America to brew our tea because we believe in keeping American businesses growing. We’re doing our part, so help us help America keep on growing.

“I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a flower. God put it here…”

– Willie Nelson
We develop novel cannabinoid-based therapies

At Cannabis Science, we use an inquiring approach to discover and develop novel cannabinoid-based therapies to improve patients’ lives. From the initiation, our founders have been committed to fostering and maintaining a bold, pioneering spirit fostering the true nature of innovation from which cutting edge ideas flourish and translate into evidence-based solutions.

Send messages with out losing your privacy
Send messages as regular text or as an encrypted jpeg and recipients will receive the text message as a photo. Share message pictures with friends or set it to self-destruct! automatically like Mission Impossible. When text message threads are deleted on YaeYoe, it’s deleted forever. From the sender to the recipient’s phone--- it’s gone everywhere.
We only source from the highest quality cannabis
Ratio uses a proprietary water soluble formulation, unlike other formulations that use MCT or coconut as a carrier for cannabinoids. Our dietary formulation scientists have over 20 years in natural product research and development. We source premium quality CDBs from flowers grown naturally and locally in Northern California. We have over thirty patent pending for our proprietary formulations.

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Greenline Barcelona Cannabis Marijuana Smoking Guide

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"La cucaracha, la cucaracha, Ya no quieres caminar, Porque no tienes,
Porque le falta, Marihuana que fumar." 

- Pancho Villa quote on Marijuana
Chief Executive Officer
Meet ELLE.

Your personal GrowBot

Through simple conversations, ELLE guides you through the growing experience. ELLE gives you personalized grow tips, advice, and delivers step-by-step how-to’s right when you need them, making growing cannabis at home easy, accessible, and fun.

We believe cannabis has the potential to be a natural catalyst to wellness for so many people. WeGrow provides the educational resources in your pocket for at-home cannabis growers in order to achieve better living and enhanced well-being.
Australia's Leading Exclusive High End Glass Gallery, Hand Blown Pieces From High end Artists & Lots Of Other Highly Rated & Reviewed Products. Hand Blown Pieces From Artists Worldwide & Lots Of Other Highly Rated & Reviewed Products. 🏆🔞🇳🇿🌏 . 

Jimi AKA "Wicked Glass" (The Glass Nomad)

Exclusive to Australian buyers @Amorphous Gallery , this Santa Cruz nomad is currently travelling the USA & the world creating glass art and writing his book 

"Escape The Code". How best to explain this artist is a splash of living different ! 

under construction

Our Team

Free gifts 
Looking where to buy great Gifts for stoners Free Gifts for Stoners first giveaway item was the Pokemon Herb Ball Grinder. We did this for a friend and then we did it for everybody else. After grinders, it was pipes and after pipes it just exploded into searching for other awesome gifts to give away. We currently are adding more and more products that you will love and working on getting the best free gear to just giveaway!


How it works
CHOOSE YOUR PACK. Select one of our three curated packs. Add on any additional products you want to receive monthly. Or just build a pack from scratch! CUSTOMIZE Select any additional products to be included in your monthly pack. You can always cancel and edit orders in the ‘my account’ page. ENJOY Your pack will continue to arrive at your door, insuring you’ll never have to  go to the store for supplies again.

Crop King Seeds

Seeds From Canada
Crop King Seeds begins by searching the planet for the best strains and breeders. Our goal was to find the highest yielding cannabis plants from all parts of the globe. In selecting our strains we choose only the most hearty plants with consistant THC and CBD levels that are easy to grow for both commercial and private green thumbers. 

The connection

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To enter a Greenline tour : You need to be in the possession of any legal form of photo identification Passport / European ID card - NIE. To enter and register as member to any of the Associations in Barcelona you need to be invited then well introduced by a associate member or as a participant in the Greenline tour you will be introduced by one of our Greenline tour Agents. 

"Forty million Americans smoked marijuana; the only ones who didn't like it were Judge Ginsberg, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton." 

- Jay Leno quote on Marijuana
The home of Hemp
Relax & Remedy

We are CBD Oils. The finest purveyor of cannabidiol (CBD) oils in the UK — completely natural supplements sourced from low-level THC hemp. We have curated only the very best collection of CBD products widely packed with benefits in our competitively priced online store. So you can incorporate them into your own daily and dietary rituals for an alternative, contemporary take on wellbeing. 

Whether to relax or remedy – 

or better still, both.

packaging service
Green Packaging Services We offer customizable packaging for retail dispensaries! You can add your logo to bags, lighters, rolling papers, trays, grinders and much more. visit us for more information and let us inform you about the endless possibilities Green packaging service can offer.

Hottest item on the market
Why Ecigared
Most popular brand in the celebrity's world.
Cartridgemizer technology 
(cartridges with built-in atomizer)
Rich, full-flavored cartridges in many flavors and nicotine levels
Ecigared pack technology charge on the go
You can smoke almost everywhere
Looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette

Green Flower Insider is a new online membership & private community that gives you instant and unlimited access to an amazing (and ever-growing) library of credible cannabis classes, anytime you want.

In addition to the $1,000+ worth of trustworthy cannabis classes already waiting for you inside your membership area, you'll also enjoy new classes, videos, and trainings added to your private library EVERY WEEK without you lifting a finger.

Become a Green Flower Insider, and you'll now have a whole world of credible cannabis education right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

STASH Makers

A premium accessories brand for enthusiasts -- that's the mission. As lovers of the culture, we want to create products that people truly love and enjoy using. Talk is cheap. 
So we are going to prove it to you with our first product... Tired of plastic bags that dried out my stash, mason jars that needed to be put in dark places, and opaque containers that hid how much I had left, I wanted a better way to store my stash and prolong the life of my product. The ultimate jar I wanted didn't exist. So I set out to make that jar.  the Stash Jar.

California minority Alliance

CMA We fight to protect our communities from the broken criminal justice system and provide economic empowerment through the new medical cannabis Industry.

Los Angeles,  California Minority Alliance CMA is a non-profit organization that fights for the rights of Blacks and Minorities in the Cannabis Industry at City & State level. CMA@CMA4You

"Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value,
marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could."

- William F. Buckley Jr
Spread Love  its the Brooklyn way
Brooklyn Rolling Papers 100% Organic Hemp Unbleached and High Quality Rolling Papers. Brooklyn papers believes in Organic hemp us and of course the pureness of unbleached paper. Available in fine shops and
Lifestyle Apparel
A lifestyle clothing company that show the latest high-life wear clothing head and footwear a exclusive combination of high appeal and professional design and manufacturing.
Clothing and Lifestyle
A lifestyle clothing company that show the latest high-life wear clothing head and footwear a exclusive combination of high appeal and professional design and manufacturing.

"None but ourselves can free our mind"

Bob Marley 
by Dabsel Adams
"The Ansel Adams of Cannabis"
Hello! I am Dabsel Adams! I offer extremely high quality photography services for cannabis growers, medical and recreational dispensaries, cannabis publications and literature, as well as both high-profile and underground events.
I am a proud contributing artist for Cannabis Now Magazine
If you would like me to work with you on your next project, please contact me via email [email protected].

The story of master kush 
We started Kush Boys in 2007 to produce our first animation called Master Kush.
It was created by me and two of my closest friends and brothers, Jamal Weathers and Andrew Todd. We raised several hundred thousand dollars for it. We traveled around the world, to Hong Kong and Shanghai for the animation production, went to animation festivals and conventions in Paris and Annecy. Everyone loved it. We talked with Tommy Chong to play Master Kush and a bunch of really great talents to do voices.
Orca X Media, Inc. is a full media and production company with offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Jalisco, Mexico. We're a team of effective dreamers, problem solvers, team players and mindful leaders with expertise in conceptual design, branding,

communications, pop culture, business growth, and simply put ---we're workaholics that love to do what we. or. contact with our team and let us build a vision. a product and lets our team create your brand.  your future our destiny.

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere." 

- George Washington, U.S. President
Clothing & Headwear
Getz High, a name that was thought of in the early 70's, which over the years has evolved into "I Getz High," "U Getz High,"' "We Getz High," just to name a few.  During my fathers college years marijuana was part of the culture psychedelic music, posters and tie dye shirts it just seemed to be the hip thing to do.  Read on and browse our page. 
Österreich whole trader
We are a Pure headshop in Graz/Austria and we offer Vaporizers, Shishas, Bongs, Pipes, papers, grinders and everthing els a smoker wants to have. At the moment our webshop is for German and Austrian consumers only but we will work hard to offer all our items to costumers from all over europe within the next few months. visit our facebook or website for more information.


Intent Los Angeles is born of off conquering the life around you & the undeniable perseverance to meet your goals while maintaining an original lifestyle. Intent is a strong movement that's powered to harbor a top-notch community for upcoming & professional visionaries.  

“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

―Barack Obama

KannaBinoid, Inc. have partnerships with farms that produces the highest quality 100% organic hemp in large bulk quantity. Our mission is to become a global icon in the production and manufacturing of innovative CBD hemp based products while advancing clinical research in the field, and investing back into the communities in which we operate.

people who understand and work in the service industry.

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HiPAR Horticultural Lighting Advanced horticultural lighting solutions for commercial and hobby farmers. 

"It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics... dope and all that crap. It's a thousand times better than whiskey - it's an assistant - a friend."

―Louis Armstrong

Empire Rolling

Founded in the heart of New York City Empire Papers has devoted itself to providing a premium smoking experience. 

The Vape Genie

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High Citi

HighCiti Cannabis based clothing
 head and footwear. Feel free to 
brows our website or follow us on Instagram

                 “Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.”

-- Richard Neville
Be part of the Krew
Vapor Krew is a Vape Shop based out of Orlando Florida, most known for our 14.99 30ml's out of our selection of 200+ Premium Ejuice's. Our main goal is to provide smokers an opportunity to kick the habit and start a new, healthier lifestyle vaping.
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Firefly Vapor started in 2012 with the singular goal of enhancing people's lives by creating the very best vaporizers in the world.  Their first product, the Firefly, immediately earned praises from the likes of Wired Magazine and the New York Times as well as vape experts and connoisseurs for bringing a number of innovations to the world of vaporizers.  
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Look for awesome dispensary jobs in the cannabis / marijuana industry in Portland, Denver, Seattle, and many new growing areas! feel free to browse our social links and browse our website
for more general information and Job availability 
in your region. 

                                “If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you’ll add eight to 24 years to your life.”

Jack Herer Activist
Your source for everything cannabis  
We could say HERB began when a hacker, a hustler, and a geek started an entertainment website. We could say that we launched in 2006. We could say that we are the most engaged community in the cannabis industry. But our story is really your story. HERB began when millions of cannabis users came together and formed this community.
Turning the World Green One Leef at a Time.

Green Leef is an independent company based out of Atlanta that focuses on offering eco-friendly goods that are positive for the environment. Through our brand and movement, we strive to give cannabis enthusiast and environmentalist a platform to express themselves. All of our products are hand made, organic, and responsibly sourced from the Earth.

420marketplaces Cannabis Connection guide, Is a connection based platform based on social and weblink connections and serves as International Gateway thats dedicated to the cannabis consumer lifestyle and medical needs the 420marketplaces cannabis connection guide is Part of the Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona For more information and details please contact us by E-mail All-rights reserved Greenline Barcelona 2013-2017 

Weed marijuana Barcelona

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Weed marijuana Barcelona

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Welcome at Greenline marijuana Guide Barcelona, Greenline is active as a cannabis Marijuana guide since 2013. Guiding Weed Smoking Friends in Barcelona and overseas to reach the higher purpose. Greenline provides A marijuana smoking friendly Coffee shop , social club experience the 420marketplaces portal a international Cannabis related consumer product connection. If you are all ready in Barcelona than Contact by whatsapp messenger +34697719140