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Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona 

Get your Cannabis Club Invitation now, and get your membership in Barcelona on arrival, The Real Cannabis Experience sinds 2013 

Get Your cannabis club membership Now and Welcome to Barcelona the new Marijuana smoking capital of Europe.  

We from Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona will make sure that you will enjoy the Cannabis club Experience to the Fullest with our Cannabis Club and city tour we will make sure that you will remember your Vacation or City trip for the rest of your Life. 

How to get Marijuana in Barcelona or Where can you buy marijuana in Barcelona is a common questions with only a few answers ,and those we will be happy to share with you. Our guiding and invitation service is active in and around Barcelona city Center Spain (Catalunya) since early 2013, 

and we have guided and served people from all over the world and gave them all the best advise and service that we from Greenline can offer. The Cannabis Club and City tour is a  well recommend way to explore the city and all her riches. Get Your Membership Now and let us say High on arrival, Smoke weed Legally and Comfortable in Barcelona  Center. Wiet Roken In Barcelona? Cannabis de la ville de Barcelone. Marihuana Associations von Barcelona.

For years Amsterdam has been known to many as the place to visit and legally smoke where you can purchase cannabis in a safe legal environment. Millions of tourists visit Amsterdam from all over the world to take in the sights and mainly to visit the famous red light district, bars, clubs and coffee shops. However since a few years Barcelona is becoming the New European destination for Smoking Marijuana legally and in a safe and pleasant environment. There are many coffeeshops in and around the cities center providing many strains of cannabis and other THC related products. For the last Few years there is a yearly Cannabis Cup festival where the worlds leading 420 enthusiasts get together to show off their products. And as well the Annual Spannabis fair but later more on that. In Barcelona Social Cannabis Clubs you can still Smoke and consume alcohol these to law that applies to the Private Clubs

The benefits of Amsterdam are the fact that it is well established and easy to access marijuana, the only downside is the weather and the quality and prices of marijuana purely for the fact it is so commercialized there now. 

How To find Weed in Barcelona is easy, How to Find the best places and strains that's where we come in. 
Get Your Membership in BCN and have The Real Cannabis Experience in Barcelona Spain, ES

Barcelona has millions of tourists from all over the world who visit the city historical center and gardens the many museum and architecture that Bcn is rich of with the Cannabis club and City tour we will show you all the hot spots and of course we can not forget the vibrant Nightlife and Nice stretch beaches that you can visit and explore. However Many tourists are not aware about the Booming Cannabis club Scene that in the last years have putted Barcelona on the map of one of the Leading Cannabis destinations in Europe. By Law all the clubs are private what means that you will need get your Cannabis club membership in Barcelona and you will need a invitation to become a member, But later more on that. 

The usual practice would be to find a dealer or street promoter on the street and pay over priced for poor quality cannabis or you end up in a location that doesn't feel so cool, Lucky for you this is no more. The law in Spain allows personal use of marijuana to be consumed in a private place. So A few years ago the first Cannabis Association was opened in Barcelona a place where you could legally smoke cannabis in a private club setting. During this that time over 300 Cannabis Associations / Cannabis clubs have been opened making it the new European Smoking destinations. The benefits of of the Clubs in Spain are that you can smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and most importantly consume cannabis weed legally and in a safe environment.

To make this legal you need to become a member of the association, This because the law and tight policy of the Clubs, You Need to be invited or introduced to become a member.  To become a member you have to provide a nationally recognized form of ID for example drivers license, passport or national identity card. Membership will normally be for 1 or 2 years and will require a contribution which is paid to the association. Every time you enter the association you will need your members card and ID, this is to prove you are part of the private Cannabis club Barcelona.

How to get Marijuana in Barcelona Spain in the clubs there it's NOT bought or sold, What this means it works on a contribution based services. After you have registered at the club you Receive a membership card that works as A Debet card. By topping of your card at the reception of the club you can go inside the club where you can use it to collect your consumption. It is illegal to take marijuana outside and pass it to another person (trafficking) or to smoke cannabis in a public place, of course your home is also your private place so consumption here is legal. There is a festival in Spain called Spannabis a global fair of cannabis related products that is held annually in Barcelona and in Madrid and similar to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam there is also a cup connected to these fairs.  which is almost one of the largest cannabis festival in the world. 

Why Choose Barcelona Spain, Barcelona serves a  Higher class Marijuana than Amsterdam has now! and prices are more fair.
How to get marijuana in Barcelona

What we do, When you arrive in Barcelona we will connect you to a personal guide, the guide will connect you to the best  Cannabis club in your area of stay in Barcelona. And If you really want to know why you should come on a tour with us than here are the benefits for you. The weather is always nice due to the nice climate in the summer in Barcelona, Barcelona has Better quality strains of Marijuana and Hash, Bho, Wax, Moonrocks , CBD and Medical marijuana related products. 

Get the full experience and join our Cannabis and City Tour including a minimum of 2 Cannabis clubs memberships. 

The Cannabis Experience in Barcelona is available for everyone that is at least 18+ and will certainly give you a experience you will never forget. Whether  you like to smoke Some Hash or just enjoy some fine quality Weed all is available in Barcelona's cannabis Community and we from Greenline will make sure that you will get all you need on your vacation here in BCN.

(Smoke Marijuana in Barcelona) in a Relaxed environment including the use of PS4, Big screen televisions and projectors that stream Football matches and more. Activities for example are poker tournaments, party nights, English or Spanish lessons, Sports and Educational programs, PS4 tournaments  etc. 

Having a beach near the city and enough weed clubs / Coffeeshops and lot of European NR1 party spots all in and around Barcelona than Now you might understand why Barcelona is Becoming or is The NR1 Smoking Destination in Europe. Please email us for more details or contact by whatsapp or one of our social channels. We will advise and guide you from when you plan your trip until you leave making your visit a true cannabis Experience and a visit to Barcelona you will never forget.

buy your marijuana in Barcelona
Smoking  weed soon and High on Arrival we promise, explore our Cannabis Club and City tour, Get your Cannabis club membership in BCN, Smoke hash or is it Hasj... ?
Best regards The Greenline Cannabis Guide Barcelona. 
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Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona
Wiet Roken In Barcelona 
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Rules and regulations on Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis is mostly used recreationally or as a medicinal drug. It may also be used for religious or spiritual purposes. In 2013, between 128 and 232 million people used cannabis (2.7% to 4.9% of the global population between the ages of 15 and 65) In 2015, 43% of Americans had used cannabis which increased to 51% in 2016.  About 12% have used it in the past year, and 7.3% have used it in the past month. This makes it the most commonly used illegal drug both in the world and the United States. The earliest recorded uses date from the 3rd millennium BC. Since the early 20th century, cannabis has been subject to legal restrictions. The possession, use, and sale of cannabis is illegal in most countries of the world. Medical cannabis refers to the physician-recommended use of cannabis, which is taking place in Canada, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, and 23 U.S. states.  Cannabis use started to become popular in the US in the 1970s. Support for legalization has increased in the United States and several US states have legalized recreational or medical use.

Greenline marijuana Guide Barcelona, Greenline is active as a cannabis Marijuana guide since 2013. Guiding Weed Smoking Friends in Barcelona and overseas to reach the higher purpose. Greenline provides A marijuana smoking friendly Coffee shop , social club experience the 420marketplaces portal a international Cannabis related consumer product connection. If you are all ready in Barcelona than Contact by whatsapp messenger +34697719140