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Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona 

Get your Cannabis Club Invitation now, and get your membership in Barcelona on arrival, The Real Cannabis Experience sinds 2013 


Smoke Weed in Barcelona

Posted on May 12, 2018 at 1:45 PM

Direct Contact Marijuana Club Invitations +34697719140 Whatsapp

Hello and welcome to Barcelona or if you still have to arrival than we hope to say High Soon. Here is a short description on the how and what related to Barcelona's Cannabis Clubs or Coffeeshops. Yes its true Amsterdam has a Big Brother named Barcelona where there is now a real Cannabis and Marijuana Revolution going on. Since the early days of 2013, Greenline Barcelona has been helping visitors from all over the world to obtain there Cannabis club memberships for the so-called Cannabis private social clubs the counterpart to the well-known Amsterdam Coffeeshops. The Cannabis social Clubs in Barcelona work with a Membership Only policy, This means that you have to have friend who is already a member so that they can invite you as a new Member, And this is what we do ! Yes we are your Friend here, Here in Barcelona and we are the friend that invites you and helps you to access Barcelona's Marijuana club scene and More. We at Greenline Help you and guide you from A to Z helping you to reach the Club and support you all the way to you have your Membership, we offer our service via Whatsapp messenger or Facebook and you can also email us the necessary links are on this page.


The rules are Simple, Everyone who wants a Cannabis Club membership / Coffeeshop membership must be at least 18+ and be in possession of a valid identification - Passport - ID card or Driving license. You also need to be registered as a member and as member you always have one of these ID's with you including your Member-card to access the club, without one of these you can not enter.

The difference With the Netherlands and Barcelona Spain is that you first have to become a Member! The Clubs are Private Cannabis Clubs. To become a member of the Cannabis club Pay a membership fee to the club and pay this membership fee You receive your Memberships card this works like a Debit card and this is exactly what it is. The clubs work with a Reception where you can add balance on your membership card. You can use this card to get your consumption in the club.

The memberships are valid on average 1 year after your last visit and after that your card will be deactivated. If you come back after this period, it can be activated again.


Furthermore, Greenline Barcelona provides the 420friendly Coffeeshop tour, This tour also called The Tourist Route brings you along several known places and sometimes less known streets and squares and will certainly make your visit to Barcelona easier. The Cannabis Club Tour is the minimum 18+ policy for all ages, and will certainly give you more insight in how Barcelona works during your vacation. We at Greenline will explain you how the City can work in your advantage and help you get from point A to B without any worry. Our Marijuana Club tour can be started from different locations in the city and this makes it never the same. In the tour we visit a minimum of 2 Cannabis clubs and a maximum of 5. During the experience of the tour, we will tell about the environment and about Barcelona's Marijuana Revolution and more also on request we can bring a visit to the Cannabis museum but this we need to schedual.

We from Greenline marijuana guide are open minded and willing to make your Cannabis Club Tour an Experience adapted to your liking contact us directly with all your questions on whatsapp +34697719140 

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