Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona Greenline Marijuana Guide Barcelona Greenline Marijuana Guide Greenline Marijuana guide is a 420friendly City guidance and invitation Service for Barcelona's social cannabis Clubs. 205081562 Come and smoke with us in Barcelona we will help you find the best clubs and cannabis products in and around Barcelona'sCity centre 205081533 We Help you to get around We show you around in Barcelona and help you on your way to find and visit the finest Coffeeshops / Cannabis social clubs in Barcelona city centre 205081535 Like to see what is behind this door? One of the many entrances of Barcelona's Cannabis associations in Barcelona city Centre. The key is a invitation that we from Greenline Barcelona help you to obtain. 205081534 Entrance door to one of the clubs Barcelona has many socialclubs, we bring you to the finest clubs in and around the City Centre all clubs provide a wide selection of Marijuana Strains, Extractions Like Hasj, wax, Glass, BHO, Moonrocks, CAliweed and many more Cannabis related products. 205081538 Wake and Bake Tour During our wake and Bake tour in BCN's City centre we hop in and hop out several well establists Coffeeshops in and around the city centre 205081536 Hightimes Night Run Arena's de Barcelona, from the old days a bullfighting arena that they reformed in to a nice shoppingmall and Cinema. 205081537 Plaza de Sants Plaza de sants is located at Sants Station one of the starting points of The HIGHTIMES NIGHT RUN 205081539 Smoking weed in Barcelona Greenline Marijuana Guide shows you the nicest spots and nicest 420friendly places. Barcelona cannabis Club Invitation and smoking Weed in Barcelona Safe and Legally. 205081540 Wake and bake Session 2 During our Tours we visit mutiple shops surrounding Barcelona's city centre, all shops have a 18+ policy 205081541 Estadi OlÝmpic LluÝs Companys Estadi OlÝmpic LluÝs Companys (Catalan pronunciation: formerly known as the Estadi OlÝmpic de Montju´c and Estadio de Montjuic) is a stadium in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Originally built in 1927 for the 1929 International Exposition in the city (and Barcelona's bid for the 1936 Summer Olympics, which were awarded to Berlin), it was renovated in 1989 to be the main stadium for the 1992 Summer Olympics.[1] The stadium has a capacity of 55,926 (67,007 during the 1992 Olympics), and is located in the Anella OlÝmpica, in Montju´c, a large hill to the southwest of the city which overlooks the harbor. In 2001, the stadium was renamed after the former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya LluÝs Companys, who was executed at the nearby Montju´c Castle in 1940 by the Franco regime. source Wikipedia 205081542 MarijuanaCity Guiding in and around BCN Early afternoon trip, that we did a few weeks ago. 205081544 Coffeeshop Invitation and Cannabis Club Invites Come and smoke with us in BCN Cannabis Club scene and enjoy your visit at the fullest. 205081545 205081546 205081547 205081548 205081549 205081550 205081551 Like to see Behind these doors? Barcelona has many socialclubs, we bring you to the finest clubs in and around the City Centre all clubs provide a wide selection of Marijuana Strains, Extractions Like Hasj, wax, Glass, BHO, Moonrocks, CAliweed and many more Cannabis related products. 205081552 205081553 Smoke weed in Barcelona During our Hightime walking routes we visit several well know places in Barcelona, as wel we from Greenline will Explain how the city works and can work in your advantage during your stay. 205081554 205081555 Wake and Bake There are multiple options to enjoy BCN's Weed Clubs and Coffeeshops scene to the Fullest! Ask us for more options we will be happy to help you out! 205081556 Stoners Skate Park Tours We show you the 420 friendly skate parks in and around the city centre. feel free to write us for more info on Hightimes skate routes and more! 205081557 Tibidabo 420 Hightimes Route Tibidabo (Catalan pronunciation: [tiβiˈ­aβu]) is a mountain overlooking Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. At 512 metres (1,680 ft), it is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola. Rising sharply to the north-west, it has views over the city and the surrounding coastline. 205081558 Smoking weed with a view During our Routes we visit ceveral well know places in Barcelona cities centre and surrounding areas. 205081559 Smoke Hot Views on Route Come and find us one day and let us be your Guide 205081561 Pueblo Espanol Hightimes The Pueblo Espa˝ol is an enchanting village on Montjuic that was built in 1929 and that contains architecture that represents each province of Spain. Every single building is a copy of a real building. There is no traffic inside the village, as it is really a theme park. And the stores here are very entertaining because they feature crafts that one would not normally see, done by artists and craftsmen. There are many restaurants where one can have lunch. 205081563 Smoking Clubs Barcelona 205081564 Grafitty High Tour Barcelona is an artist's paradise. Down each slender alleyway, behind trees and bursting from the most unexpected places, you can find a snippet of art, whether it's been created by professionals or amateurs, built into the architecture or displayed in museums. 205081565 Night High Barcelona Tours Plaša de Catalunya (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈpɫasə ­ə kətəˈɫuɲə], meaning in English "Catalonia Square"; sometimes referred to as Plaza de Catalu˝a, its Spanish name) is a large square in central Barcelona that is generally considered to be both its city centre and the place where the old city (see Barri G˛tic and Raval, in Ciutat Vella) and the 19th century-built Eixample meet. Some of the city's most important streets and avenues meet at Plaša Catalunya: Passeig de GrÓcia, Rambla de Catalunya, La Rambla or Portal de l'└ngel, in addition to Ronda de Sant Pere, Carrer de Vergara or Carrer de Pelai. The plaza occupies an area of about 50,000 square metres. It is especially known for its fountains and statues, its proximity to some of Barcelona's most popular attractions, and the flocks of pigeons that gather in the centre. source Wikipedia 205081567 Nightly Hightimes on the route we visit some very intresting places in and around the city centre and in the meantime we visit some of Barcelona's finest Cannabis Social clubs. 205081568 Marijuana Friendly City Guidance We will provide you the Real Cannabis Experience in Barcelona without any Problems or delays! Let's connect and why not hop on board the Greenline Marijuana Guided Tours and we will show you around in Barcelona, Become part of the journey and let us be your Marijuana friendly guide in to barcelona's Highlife. We work with a reservation based city guidance that we combine with some nice Strains that we collect during our tour and we will enjoy some traditional food and enjoy the scenery and more. Prices are fair and available on request. 205081569 We show you the Undergrounds The Barcelona Metro is an extensive network of rapid transit electrified railway lines that run mostly underground in central Barcelona and into the city's suburbs 205081570 Romantic Stoner Route The romantic stoner route leads you and your partner from point to point in and around Barcelona's Cannabis Culture 205081571 City Guidedance Greenline Marijuana Guide helps you get around in and around Barcelona's City centre with personal guidance and a highgrade service 205081572 Never to Young,. But 18 205081573 205081574 205081575 205081576 205081577 205081578 205081579 205081580 205081581 205081582 205081583 205081584 205081585 205081586 205081587 205081588 205081589 205081591 205081592 205081593 205081594 205081596 205081597 205081598